Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Amohollsemon.11.0..4.110 atb' two >: RPR- 'VV.§ u Dl R.ECTIO NS F O Á WeakChriftians 9 How they may efcape the troubling, divi- ding and endangering of the Church b their tams in Doctrine, Vorihip and - Church- Communion. F we had never beenwarned by the Hiifory of the Sacred Scripture, or of the. former Ages of the Church, yet our experience irk thisprefent Age is enough to tell both us and our Pofferity, how great perturbations, and cala - mites may come to the Churchof Chrif}, by the inifcarriagesof the more zealous Profeffors of Re- ligion i and how great a hinderance fuch may prove to the profperity of the Gofpel ; to the Love and Unity of Chriffians to the Reforma- tion, and holy order of the Congregations, and to all thofe good ends which are defred by them- felves. How great a diihanour they may proud to the Cbrifian name; and what occafions of har- dening the wicked in their contempt of Godlinefr; to their eve;rlaf}ing rune, and the fufferings of 4elievers. D Trere-