Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Knowledge not got Iùdderly, Anfvv. There is fotne trMth and fome alfhcod, and much confi0i n, in this o` je&ion. It is true that the faxing knowledgeof Divinity, muff be taught by the Spirit of God : T,it it is falfe that laborer and humane teaching are not tht means which mall be ufed by them, who will have_the teaching of the fpirir. And the obje&ion confoundeth, . The fpirits teaching us by inditing the Scripture$ with thefpirits teaching us the meaning of the Scri- pture. 2 And it confoupdeth the common know- ledge of Divinity, with thePaving knowledge of jr. No man cornmeth to a conmon knowledge, fit for a Teacher ofothers, without thefpirits teaching us by the Scripture For that was the first part of the fpirits teaching us, to infpire the Prophets and A-, pof$lesto deliver a teachingP'ord to the Church, by which we might 41 be taught of G d through all generations. But many rnm have excellent com- mon knowledge, by this word, and by the common helpof the fpirit, wit bout thatfpecial help which begetteth laving knowledg:.. Many prophefied and workt miracles in Chillsname, who had no Paving knowledgeof him, Mat. 7. 2z, 23. And Pail rejoyced that Chri/t . as preached, even by them that d d it of frife and envy, to add affli1ion to his bonds,: Phil. .I . t 5)1607,18.. faxing knowledge mull have afpecia! helpof grace ; And they which had but So/owns knowledge, may by the fpiric ! vefavirg knowledge in a little time, by bringing it to thé heart, and making it clear, and lively and effeauat. But that may be a means of Paving o- thers, which faveth nor the man that hith ir. And all knowledge rcgaireth time and labour, to damn it, though the Spirit giveth it, and though It