Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

but molt have time. -it may be fancifyed to us in a little tittle, I. Confider I prayyóu,why elfe it is, that God hath fo multiplied ,commands, to dig for it as for Silver, and fearch for it as a hidden treafure : to cry for Knowledge and lift up;our voice for un- derllanding : to wait at thee polls of wifdorns doors : to fearch the Scriptures and meditate in them day and night : Is not this fuck Rudy and labour as men ufe, to get underfanding in other kind ofprofellìons? Are not thefe theplain corn- wands of God ? andare they not their deceivers who contradit them. 2. Is it not a blafpheming of Gods fpirit, to make it the Patron of mens £loth and idlen ,fs, un- der pretenfe ofmagnifying grace ? When fo ma- ny Texts command. us diligence, and .fothfulnefs is fo great a fin ? And none are fo forward to preach as thefe fame men that cry down meus teaching. 3. Why hath God`fetled a Teaching Office in his Church, and .cornmandeth all to attend and hear and learn ; if we are aright by the Spirit without mans help ? Why were the Apoftles fent out into all the world ? And why are th co a- mand'ed to teach all Nations, and to teach the Church all that Chriíl commanded them ? and why Both he promie to be with them to the end of the world ? but that thi; is the wayofthe Spi- rits teaching, to teach thofe firR who are our out- ward teachers, and then tohelp us to underhand them ?,' And thofe are taught of God, who are taught by thofe who are fear of God to be their teachers, and have;the inward concurrence of his grace. D4 4. Ad!,