Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

M9,fAMAA'flfiAMilffA The Authors I. Purpofe,Il. Redfons and III. Prognoflicks of this Book. I, T is none of the buhnefs of this Book to fingle out any one Party in the world,& to tell you by Application how far they are under the guilt of Schifm : I med- dle with the Caufe, and leave each perfon to make application to himfelf, It is SIM- PLE CATHOLIC( CHRISTIANI- TYwhich I plead for , and the Love and Unity and Concord which are its Ligaments and Efieutial parts. And it is a SECT as a SECT, and a FACTION as a fanion, and not this or that seU or Faóion, which I deted and blame. Yet I doubt not but as in the fame City there are the wife and the foolifh, the found and the fick, and in the fame Army there are valiant men , and Cowards, fo in the fame Churches there are Chriftians of various degrees of Ofdor, , Integrity and ¡lrengtb : And all men fhould earneftly defire tobe of the prifefl, the Ho- lief/ and the molt fraitfd fort , and not of Aa the