Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

the more erroneous, impure , or fcandalbt and unprofitable- And if the f ch will make themfelvesr a Party, . and call the found , the 4averfe Party, I will endeavour to be one of a Party in that fenfe ; and to obey God s exarly as I am able, and to werfhnp him fpiritu,dy and toddy as I can, and to 'Love him with all my 4ind , and Heart, no Strength, and lament that I reach higher , and do no more : And if any will call this by the name of Herefie or Schifrn, they fhall fee that I can avoid Herefie and Schifm at as dear a- rate , as enduwhichhe Name and Imputation of that avoid. It is not the Name of a Schifmatick that I amw iting againft, but the Th:ng, by. whatever Name it is called. It is UN i rY, LOVE and PEACE which I am pleading for : And it is DIVISIONS, HATRED and CONTENTION which I plead againfl : And it is the ¡fypacri f e of men which I detea, whobetray Loie, unity and Peace by a ludos kifs ; and ad defie them, not openly renounce them, but kill them with diffembling i d hem who cry them pup , while they down and follow peace with all men, that are not of their party, as the Dog followeth the Hare , to tear it in pieces and deftroy is : Who fight for LOVE by making. c- thers