Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Pride òf nur,Goodrief. 9 too raftuly upon your firft apprehenfions; and go not away wi h a paffionate confidence, in your poor, raw, untryed and defeí`Iive conceptions. But remember that you know but little, andmull have time and labour to growup to the rely. Be not wife iny(tir own conceits. ROM. 12. 16. & t I. z 5. Prov. 26. 5. st 28. ,IT. And this is coal.. rnonlythe fin ofthe frothful, that never were at that pains for knowledge, by which it must be at- rained. Thefluggàrd is wifer in his own conceit, than (even men that can render a reaton, Prov. z6. z6. You litrle think when you are conceited of your knowledge, that you are further fromwifdom than a fool. Prov. ì6. Y 2. Seef thou a manwife in hit own conceit ? There is more hopeofa fool, than of him. Be not wife in thyegn eyes) Prov.3.3 . Wo to them that . are wife in their own eyes, and prudent in their ow light. Ifa. 5.2 B. Be not righteous overmuch, neither make thyfelfover-wife ; whyfbouldit thou defiroy thy felf ? The felf-conceited mutt become fools in their own efteem, if ever they will be wife, as the' worldly wife mutt own that which is folly in the judgment ofthe world, if ever theywill be wife ICor.3.i8. 2. And there is a Religious Pride of Goódnefs, as well as of ICnovledge, which muff ye`t more care- fully be avoided, as being yet worfe than the for- mer; as the thing abufed is much better. And this worketh as fubtilly and fecretly as the former. It may not only confiit with many complaints and con,fellions of(infulnèfs, weaknefs and unirorthynefse but even with doubts of fincerity and fo much de j.eElednefs as feemeth to draw near to defparatiòtìo' It is an ordinary thing tohear the fame..perforis E 3 ta.