Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

i8 P1esufor Pride 4 fwered. inmany points of Learning, and Scholaffick con- troverfies, becaufe they are not Learned in fuch controvert es. But all Godly men and Chriftians are in the right in all points e, ffential to Godlineft and,ehr iánity And therefore they are in the pertain way of life. And ifinany integral or ac-' cidental point, you think that you are wafer than the greater part, ofmen as Learned and as God- ly as, your felf, you muf} give verygood proofof it to ,your felf andothers, before it is to be belie - ved.. I know that in all ages, God giveth fome fewmen more excellent natural parts,than others: and he engageth force indeeper and more labo- rious fludies thanothers : and he bleffeth fame mens fludiesmore than others: and therefore there are 1}i11 forme few who knowmore, than the ref} of the Countrey or of .mankind and it were well for the ref} if they knew thefe and would learn of them;: But thefe .are filch as come to their know- ledge by hardand laborior "Indies and meditation, though alfo by thefpirit blef ing their endeavours And they are fuch as giveproof of the knowledge which they pretend to : And theyare fuch as em- ploytheir . knowledge to preferve the peace and corcord of believers, and donot proudly make a flr with it, to fet up their own names, though thereby they fet the Ivorldon fire: . Make thereforeno more of thefevain defences of your Pride Let no man think of himfelf and his own underftanding above what is meet. I per fwadv you not to deny any truth which indeed you know, nor to doubt of any thing which is made truly certain to you. But value not your underftandirgs above their worts m and fix nor too'