Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

werketjh,, °d . peareth,and is aggravated a/ trade it : It caufeth men todeny and vile ( ° Gods grace, in thofe that anfwer not their expe&ati- mns : And to think that the Church is not Ivor- thy oftheir Communion : And to think that none are fo fit as they , to be the Reformers of the Church and of the world. I intreat thofe who are in danger of this per vicious fin, tothink with-themfelves. r. What a heynouscrime and folly it isfor one that but late- ly was a child of the-Devil, and a fink of in, tube proud fo quickly of their goodnefs : And for one that fo lately was groaning and weeping with a broken heart for a fnfal'life, tobe already puff-. ed up with the conceitsofgodlynefs. And for one who daily maketh confeifion to God, of a íinfut heart,'and a faulty life, and of great unworthy- nefs,to contradict all thisby an over-valuing of his Own piety ; And how incongruous it is for one, who profëffeth to hope for juítification by free grace & mercy only,& to have nothing ofhis own but what's defiled,and mho abhorreth theDotrine of merit, and talketh fo much of our ecnptynefs and infuffìciency, to be -yet puffed up with the conceit ofhis fpirituality and worth. And what an odious felf- contradi&ion it is, to make your felf like theDevil inpride, becaufe you ,think you are like God in holiness, 2. And confider, that the more you are proud ofyour Eioodnefs, the lets you have to be proud of If this En be predominant, it is certain that you have no faving grace at all : And what an odious thing and miferable cafe is it, to be proudof Io- lynefs, when you are unholy ; and to be damned both fo.r want ofi.t, and for being proud of it E 3 That