Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

22 The careof this Pride. That' a manthouldbe proud of that, for want -of which he mutt fuller -the fire of Hell ! Oat if your pride be not predominant, yet it is certain thit in what meafure foever you have that vice, in that meafure you aredeffitute of grace : For tr..e grace and pride are as contrary as life and death. 3. And fludy well the meaning of all thefe Scriptures (For you i%all not fay that I miein- terpretthem to you.) Why, was it that Ch if't mentioneth the Parable of the Pharifee, and the Publican? one thanking,God that he was not fo bad as others, and the other thinking himfelf un- worthy to look up to heaven. Luke 18. i o, &c. Whydid he give us the parable of the pro- cligal who confeffeth that he was unworthy to be called a Son; and ofhis elder brother who fwell ed with envy at his entertainment ? Why was it that Chria feemednot aria enough to the Pha- rifees, inkeeping the Sabbath, nor in his Diet,nor in his Company, but they called him a glutto- nous perfon and a wine-bibber, and a friend of Publicans and fanners ? Was it not becaufe their 1'ride and fuperftit;on made them think too high- ly of their own religioufnefs ? and to make fins and dutieswhichGod never made,and then to con- demn the innocent for want of this humane reli- gioufnefs? What was the fin condemned in /pt. 65. 5. [Whichfay, Hand by thy felf ; come not mar tome; for 1 am holier than thou.] What mean- eth that command in Phila.?. Let nothing be done 'throughfir ife or vainglory ; but in lowlinefs vif mind, let each eleem others better than' tkemfelves] Read this verfe over upon your knees, and beg of God to