Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

;4 Bride ofGifts. sndoubted Saints ; and the Fadden apprehenfion of thedifference of their guifts and fpeech from o- thers, made me think confidently that the one fort had the markof God upon them, and the o= ther had nothing almoít of God at all : Till ere long of thofe whom I fo much honoured , one fell off t& fénfaality and to perfecuting formality, Ind another fell to the fouleff herefie ; and ano- ther to diffurb the Churches peace by turbulent animofities and divifions. But the expe, lance of this Kingdom thefe twenty fixe yeares, hath done fo much to convince the ,world what crimes may Band with high profetfions, that I know not that d ever met with the man , that would deny it Peeing every ,fed cafteth it upon all the reít, however forneof them wouldjuftifie themfelveso But Igreatly fear left the generation which is now fpringing up and knew not thofe men, nor their mifcarriages, will lofe the benefit of thefe dreadful warnings, and fcarce believe what high profeffours did turn the proudeft overturners of all Government ; and refiffers and defpifers of minif{ry and holy order in the Churches and the toff railing. Quakers, and the molt filthy aid blafpheming Ranters ; to warn all the world to take heed of being ProNd of fuperficial g iifts and higb profefons; and that he that flanndeth in his own conceit, fhould take heed left he fall. When guifts ofutterance in 'prayer or talk- ing are thus overvalued and high profeffions are ken to have more in them than they have, men preèèntly- moddle their leaions, and then the Chadreh according to thefe mif.conceivings : And e tafk'tiveperfon who by company and-ufe bath got