Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

OfGifis ofutterance. 2; to write it on your hearts And I would w ih all Afiemblies ofdividersandunwarrantable Separa- tif}s, to write it over the doors of their meeting places. And joys with it Rom. ji. to. Be kind.. ly a f fec ioned one to another pith brotherly love, in honour preferring one another ( that ts, before yo; r felves.) But fpecially read and f}udy, jam. ;. In a word, if God would cure the Church of Religiompride, the pride of rrifdom, and the pride of Piety and Çoodneß, the Church 'would have fewer Herefies and contentions , and have much more peace, and much more true wifdom and ,Goodnefs it felf. DIRECT. not the common guift of utterance, nor a high Profefsion, if the pretence or abfence of either of them, did prove the prefence or abfence of truePavinggrace. V E T I (hall anon tell you , that neither of 1 there muff be asndcrv.glued , nor accounted 'needlefs ufelefs things. But the owrvaluin them, bath cauf:d great dif}empers in the minds and affeecions, and communion and pra, ife, of ma .ny very well meaning Chriftians. When God had fir f} brought me from among the more igno- rant fort of people, and when I firli heard reli- gious perfons pray without forms, and fpea.k a£-- fe; ionately and ferioufly of 'fpirítual and hea- venly things, I thought verily that they were All E 4 orada;sútcd