Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

S Higher Profeffors. wouldhave me bear witnefs to this truth to cure forme mens contrary extream that as this age as is faid, doth need no proof, h )w heinoufly high profeffors may mifcarry ; fo in the place where I exercifed my Miniflry, I found fome give me a fatisfying evidence in their laí1 ficknefs, chat they ;had long lived a trulygodly life, who were never noted by their Neighbour's, for any extraordinary zeal at all.. Ifyou ask me, How can it Rand with grace to be fo much hid?I anfwer, They made the com'non profeffioz of Chriflianity they ufuálly at- tended the publick worthip they lived blame- lefty in their places: but theywere of (lent re- tired difpofitions, and were inferiours who by their fuperiours were rellrained from "private, meetings and forme cQnverfe with more zealous perfons which they defred. And for ought yod know theremay be very many fuck; who mutt not be rejeaed as noprofeffors, nor without a par ticalar accufation and proof : unlefs you would be tired in the like kind your felves. DIRECT. IV. Iffea not tobe made eminent and Confpict-è AW in Molinefs, byBanding at afurther di- Hance from thefe lower Profeffors, than God mould haveyou. T is the foathforne féab of the Romifh Church I that they Who will be taken for Religious, mull go into a Iv ni(ery of Fryars and Nuns, and fel parate