Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

idea not moreconfp:cnau difa>9ce. age parate themfelves from the refs of Chriíiians, as worldly fecular people that fo their Religion may be a noted thing, gk theymay be fet up in their fingularity , as publike fpe&acles, for the world to admire Though perhaps they come thither but under the gripes of Confcience, to expiate the guilt of whoredome, murder, or fome no- torious fns. , which the contemned feculars nee ver committed. And it is fomewhat eafie to . proud corrupted nature to enter into a life of greater felf- denial, than moil Monaflicks are put upon, when by it they Mall be thus feparated from the refi of mankind, as a people of more admired holinefs. To fet our felves up in ,ifepa3 rated fociety, as perforas whom the world mull: account more Religious than the common fort of Chriftians , hath fo much oflentation in it, as is a great allurement toPride. For many a one who perceiveth how childifh a thing it is, to fet out ones felf to be obferved for fine cloathes, or for bodily comelineß, or for highentertainments, eurioaties, houfes, lands or fuch vanities, loth` yet think that it is an excellent thing, to be ho- noured by men, efpecially by the wifely and the heft, ai a perfon of wifdome , and Piety., and Goodneß. And indeed it is the trueft and the highefi flonouï tobe Wife and Good : An it is exceeding natural' toman todelre honour : And it is lawful to have adue and moderate fenfe and regard to our honour : And all this being fo, how eafie is it for Pride to take this advantage, and to go a little farther, while we think that we go but this far, and keep within our bounds. And the root o£ the errour lyeth in 4theiftn; Self4