Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

46 'the conditions of Conamursionp than the ancient Church required of the baptized : Wherein being agreed of nocertain terms, to know anothers fanòtification by , their Churches are diverfified according to the meafure of the fri&nefs or largenefs, cenforioufnefs or charity of the Paftors óZ the people;while one thinks that perfon to have true grace,whoni another thinks to have none. And fo they that will be most unchari- table, do pretend to the reputation of being the most pure ; becaufe they are molt ftri66l :And multi- tudes are That out whomChriff would have to be received,&his children are numbred with the dogs. On the other fide there is one or two of lare among us, who think that the Church is but Chrifts School , where he teacheth the way to true Regeneration ; and not a Society of pro,feffed Re- generate ones orSaints : And that all who own Chrit} as the Teacher of the Church , and fubmir to the Government of the Pastors, and are willing to learn how to be regenerate, should be baptized, though they profefs not any fpecial faxing faith or repentance. And their reafons are,becaufe firft,elfe all that doubt of their fincerity mute lie, or he kept out. Secondly, becaufe that in the Church of the Jews, the multitude were fuch as were openlyungodly. And force of the Papifts talk alto at this rate,though indeed they are themlelves yet t tterly unrefolved in this point. What Church foever is coníituted according to either of thefe two opinions, will not be cont}i.; tùted according to the mindof Chrift : But yet with this difference : The first .Opinión introdu ceth Church -granny, and injutice ., and is four,® ded in the warn of Chriiiiam charity, and now ledgg