Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Conditions of Church Communion. 4S DIRECT. VI. Underflandwell the different conditions and terms of Communion with the Church as invifble andas vi fble ; and the different priviledges of the Members, that fo you may not prefume to impefe any conditions which God bath not irnpcfed; nor yet to grudge at the reception of thofe that are not fanaifled and f inere. ALL Chriflians are agreed that it belongeth to God only to make the conditions of Church - communion; and, therefore it belong- eth not to us to invent them , nor to our wit ro cenfure what God hathdone, but to fearch the Scripture till we find it out, and then obey it. This is the great controverte which bath trou- bled the Church m When men know not who {Mould be Members of the Church and who nor, and when they have no certain rule or charaaer to know whom they muff receive , it is no won- der ifconfu iori and contention be the complexi- on and pra&ice of filch Churches. And here the Pafiors have torn the Church, by running into contrary extreams. Some have thought that the Viuible Church moil be conflituted only of fuch perlons as fatisfie the Paffors and the people of the truth of their fan&ification, by Mme fpe- cial account of their converfion or the work of grace upon their beans, in a diflifiaer manner than