Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

The Preface. Anfwer for themfelves before they are judged, or to be heard'' Tkad their own> uaufe,' or to know and queflion their Accu; fens and Witneffes ;' But az I my felf was Difireined of all my Goods and Books on five Gonvit ions before ever I heard of any Accufation, or faw a yudge, fo is it with many others, and more. In a word, Lords, ,Knights ; and Clergy-men `:take ws for. iunfufferabie ; Perfoni in the `'Land., `unfit for Humane Society, Enemies to . Monarchy , Obedience and Peace, ` and Corporations proraifé to choofe fuch J ornament Men as are for our Extirpation. And all this is for our Nonconformity, which they all confefs to be. oar Duty ifit be any. Sin that by the Impoftions is required,ofus. And if fo fmall and eafie a task as proving one or many fuch Sins required, would recover the Charity and yuflice ofall thefe Men, andfave themfelves and the Land from the guilt of Profecuting and Opprefng.the Innocent, and Condemning, Men-. fcr Obedience to God , and driving confcionable and loyal . Perfons out of the Land, or overwhelming themwith false Accufations, becaufe of 'other`Mens Treafons or Sedition, is not he that will forbear his Part and Duty in fo dreadful a Cafe, a greater Sinner than he that when the City . is on fire, will not do his belt to quench it; or that will not . put out his hand to fave a Friend or Child in fire or. Water, for fear of frme trouble to himfelf?' I did in my firfi Plea for Peace, only name the Matters which we dare not Conform to, and durfl not give the Reafons of our Fear and Nonconformity Whereupon many fiince have importuned,, me for thole Reafons, as without which I could not expea. that. Me-n fhould underftand our Cafe. Why fhould I deny this ? Is it through defpair. that Rulers . and -Clergymenwill not regard.Reafon or will not bear it , but anfwer it withCon- tempt. or Prifons ? That is to accufe them of fuch injuftice, Un- oharitablenefs, anA Inhumanity mull not accufe any of that do not by open.. Pratlice accufe themfelves._,