Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

The Preface. 'Infrared the Reafons of our fear , nor ufed more Wifdom and Charity for our juft Convitlion. For our Confciences are of fuch a temper , as will not be convinced with a Scorn or a fail , nor take all Writings or Words as fatisfatlory, that are poured out with fupercilious Confidence, and calledSatisfaó®ry by the Self ofteeming Authors. I am told by divers , That I have written enough already on thefe Subjects , were it only my firft and fecond Plea for Peace , my Treatife of Epifcopacy , and that of Concord, and my Apology for our Preaching. And theyfay, Du mug expe5l to do no good , nor fo much as to be read by !Myer farms , much left with Diligence and impartial Willingnefs to know the Truth ; but contrarily to be hated , and accu- fed of force odious Crime , and laid in fail, among Male- fa5lors till you die 5 and a Prifon will be more grievous to one in your pain and languifhing than to another. On the other fide , I have been long importuned to give an account ofthe Reafons ofour Nonconformity : I have by Bifhops been reproved for not doing it : Lords and Terfons of great Qua- lity have been perfwaded , that we keep up a dangerous Schifin in the Land , to the cherifling of Difcontents and Sedition, only for things which we confefs to be indifferent, and no Sin : the Laws accufe us : The numerous Addreffes of Counties, Cities and Corporations, revile us as the Nurfes of Rebellion : No fHall number ofPreachers plead for our Ruine on the fame Suppofition , and tell the `People that it is no Sin that we flick at , but Humour , Pride and Fat7ion make ass difobedient Schifrnaticks without any reafon for what we do. The fails are fll'd with Nonconformifts : Nine Mini- fters are now in .Newgate , and 'many more in other Places. And almo.r` t all of themMui l and Fined infar more than ever they were worth. Their Goods and Books taken by Diftrefs They are fain to fly or - ;ahfcond that are not in Prifon : Their Wives and Children in _ Diftrefs and Want : They are judg- ed by the 7uflices unworthy fo much as to be fummoned to Anfwer