Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

CH A P. XV. Point XII. OfConfenting to thefa f Rule to findout Safer-day in the Liturgy. M.mHE next Point is materially a trifle, but formally fo palpable an untruth, that we cannot deliberately de- clare that we Affent to it, viz. They tell us in their Ca- lender truly how to find Eafter-day, and they add another Rule to find it always which is frequently falfe , as every Almanack will tell you : viz. that Lit is always thefir(i Sun- day after the firfl full Moon, which happens next after the one and twentith day of March.] L. It is true for the moll part, though not always. Pt And we will Affent+ that it is true for the molt part, but not always. L. This is but a mere miflake, andcan you fcruple Conformityfor filch a trifle. 11ß Is it lawful deliberately to lie in a trifle ? In them it was but an untruth, for they wrote what they thought had been true. But it wóuld be a wilful lying in me who know it to befalfe. L. But you may in your Subfcribing, or Declaring except that which you know the Authors would have excepted, had they known them to be falfe. M. Say you fo ? Then I may except all the reft which I here except againft; For Truth is fo naturally the object of the lntellet, that I may fuppofe that the Convocation would have put none of them on us, had they known them to be falfe. Do you mean that I may except them in words or writing, or only mentally? If the &ít, I have offered them to de- clare my Afí'ent and Confent to all things in the Book in which the Authors were not miftaken: But that is refufed with derifion and is contrary to the At of Uniformity, which faith, [They Jhall declare in thefe words and no other.] If you mean mentally then a man may Covenant, or fwear any falfehood with a mental exception; ánd fo any Difenter may fubfcribe, or ,covenant what you will. M L, But