Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 88 ) fubfcribe that the various Le&ions in thofe Copies that we have, are not the failing of the Holy Ghoft, or Apo- ftles, nor are fuch as leave us in juft doubt of any Aecef- fary Truth ? And I will fubfcribe to the Tranflation fo far it agreeth with the Original. But I will not rub. ícribe that any Tranflation is perfeCt or faultlefs, pr to this or that Hebrew or Greek Copie, as if in every word or LeCtion it certainly agreed with the Autographs. And why fhould men make fnares for the Church, by impofing Profeffions, that any mere man's works are perfect, when all mortal men are confeffedly imperfect ? Is it not enough peace- ably to ufe them, and to profefs that all the word ofGod is infallible Truth ? L. But I cannot thinkZthat anApprobationof all the Tranflations is intended inyour Af fent andConfent. M. Are they no part of that which is contained in the Book, and prefcribed by it ? Or could not the. Parlia- ment fpeak fenfe. C H A P. __