Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

11071 all otlier men to ju{fifie it all as finlef°s.; and he íl all be no Mini- fler that will not do it, nor a Chriflian Member of the Church that denieth it: As if the perfection of their works were an Ar- ticle of the Creed, and neceffarytoSalvation to be believed. Is not this Puritanifm, Pharifaical, and Juflifcation OfWorks ? 2. Judge by all that I have in this Book cited, whether there be nothing at all in their Bcoks that is repugnant to the Word of God. If I have made it pafl all modefl denial, then what a dreadful thing is this Renunciation ofRepentance? when Repen- tance is the condition of the pardon of all our fin, even that which cleaveth toour Worfhip of God. But they that tell the World that their Works haveno fin, yea and force all the King- dom to fland to that juflification, do in a very high degree re- nounce Repentance : Yea they not only forbid all men to call them to repent, or toamend any fin that is in their Book, but Ex- communicate them as wicked that do it. 3. I toldyoubefore, that this Excommunicating ipfo fatly, is in it feif, a prophane fubverfionof the very natureof true Excom- munication, which fuppofeth due means to convince the Perfon that his wordsor deeds are fin, and that ofan intollerable degree, and that he be heard fpeak for himfelf, and be admonifhed and earneflly perfwaded to repent ; and not Excommunicated till af- ter all this he continue impenitent. But here men are Excom- municated for laying that there is fomewhat faulty in mens works, and that before ever they are heard fpeak for themfelves, or ever told of their fin, or called to repent : I before referr'd you to what Spalatenfrs de Rep. Ecclef. bath written to prove the great finfulnefs offuck Excommunicating. Bithop ,7er. Taylor writing againft it, yet feigneth this excufe, that it mull be underftood but of the Minor Excommunication. But Excommunication it is; and I donot think that they :can make any good fenfe of their diffin Lion of Major «r Minor Excommunication ; unlefs it be that the Major declareth men to be no Chriflians, and the Minor on- ly to be fcandalow4Chriflians, not cut off from the Catholick Church, but only for the prefent fufpended from being owned, while theyare under patient tryal whether they will prove impe- nitent or not, that thane may drive them to Repentance. "But this Sufpenfion is properly called Excommunication. But both of them require a full tryal. 4. It is a heinous injury and injuflice to Excommunicate and P iz Ruin