Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

í;o61 " rious contumacy, or other notable crimes Eland lawfully Ex- " communicated- be every fix Months enfuing, as well in «the Parifll Church as in the Cathedral, by the Minifler openly in timeofDivine Service, upon force Sunday denounced and. " declared Excommunicate, that others may thereby be admo- " nifhed to refrain their Company,--and excited the rather to "procure out a Writ-de Excommunicato capiendo ,J fo man. can be a Minifter that will not pradife it.. L. Andwhat haveyou againft the pra 1ice of it ? M. I. To be the Agent of Lay-mens Excommunicating, 2. And the Inftruments of godly mens Excommunications and: Ruins. You may as well ask us why we dare not opprefs and de- ftroy men without caufe ; the Publilhers cannot be Innocent. Char. XXIII. Point XX.. Of Fu difbing. Excommunicati- ik according to the 4th Cbanci,. M. HE Fourth Canon faith; [ "Whofoever f611 hereafter of "firm that the FormofGods Worfhip in the Church of " England 'Eftablifl]ed by Law, and contained in the Book of "Common Prayer and Adminiftration of Sacraments, icon -, " taineth ANY THIN in it that is repugnant to the Scrip-. " tures, let him be Excommunicated ipfofacto, and not reflored but by the Bitliop of the place, or Arch-bifhop, after his Re- " pentance,_ and publick, Revocation of finch his wicked Error.l And when this Excommunication is fent from the Ordinary to theMini ter, you heard he inu(t publifli it twice a.year. L. And what haveyou againft this ? M. Do l need to tell you ? I. Judgeby this with what Face the Prelates call us Puritanes or catharifis, as if we pretended to perfeC}ion, and to be without fin. And whether ,it be, not they that are far l_iker to theCatharifts. We confefs, , that the belt of our Prayers Preaching or Works bath fomewhat in them re- pugnant to the Wordof God For Gods Law is perfect, and e- very fin in matter, or mariner, or end, or degree,, is repugnant to it. Far beit from us Pharifaically to juftifie any Book that ever we write as ifwe had no fin in ir. But thefe men that call them- felves the Church of England, do not only juftify a large Volume of Forms, Orders, Rubricks and Kalenders,, &c. but alto force a11..