Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

^°°--------- An Infrance of the Accv s AT I ON s which call for our Defence ; (betides thofe in the Aft for Banifbment fromCorporations, &c.) Devon 4t d General. uarterial. Segion. Pacis Dorn. Regis tent. apud cafr. Exon. in & pro Contitat. prad. Secundo die O obris, Anno Regni Dorn. no, ri Caroli Secundi Dei gratia Anglia, Scotia, Francia ", f? Hibernia Regis , Fidei Defen- for.&c.Viceffinio quinto, Annoque Dom. "1683e E have been fo abundantly convincedof the Seditious and Rebellious PraEtices of the Sectaries and Phana- ticks, who through the C'ourfe of above One hun- dred years fince we were firft infefled with 'em, have fcarce afforded this unhappy Kingdom any interval of reft from their Horrid Treafons , as that we muff effeem 'em, not only the open Enemies of our Eflablifhed Government, but to all the common Principles of Society and Humanity it felf Wherefore, that we may prevent their Horrid Confpiracies for the time to come, and fecure (as much as in us lies) our molt Gracious -KING and the GOVERNMENT from the Fury and Maliceof'em, we refolve to put the Severeft of the.Laws (which we find too Eafie and Gentle, unlefs enlivened by a vigorous Execution) in force againft 'em. i. We Agree and Refolve, in every Divifion of this County; to require fufficient Sureties for the good Abearing and Peace- able Behaviour of all fuckas we may justly fufPett, or that we can receive any credible Information againft, that they have been at anyCouventicles and Unlawful Mç i gs , or at any,;Fa i us