Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

or Seditious Clubs ; or that have by any Difcourfes difcovered them elves to be diffffe6ked to the prefent Eflablifhed Govern- ment, either in C hurch or ` tate ; or that have been the Au- thors or Publifhers of any Seditious Libels ; or that fhall not in all things duely conform themfelves to the prefent Eflablifhed Government. 2. Becaufe we have a fort of Falfe Men , and more perfi- dious than profeífed Piianatiques, who either wanting Cou- rage to appear in their own fliape, or the better to bring about their Treafonable Defigns, privately Afhociate with , and en- courage the Seditious Clubs of the Sedtaries, and with them Plot heartily againft the Government ; and yet, that they may pafs unfufpedted, _ fometime appear in the Church with a falfe thew of Conformity, only to fave their Money, and the better to ferve their Fadtion : that we may (if poffible) diftinguifh and know all fuch dangerous Enemies , we will aridly re- quire all Church-wardens and Conftables , at all our Monthly Meetings , to give us a full account of all fuch as do not every Sunday refort to their own Parifh-Churches , and are not at the beginning of Divine Service , and do not behave themfelves Orderly and Soberly there, obferving all fuch de- cent Ceremonies as the Laws enjoyn : And that they likewife Prefent unto us the Names of all fuch as have not received the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's supper in their own Parifh- Churches Thrice in the Year. 3. Being fully fatisfied , as well by the clear Evidence of the late Horrid PLOT, as by our own long and fäd Ex- perience , That the 'Nonconformift Preachers are the Authors and Fomenters of this Peftilent Fadtion, and the implacable Enemies of the Eftablifhed Government , and to whom the late Execrable Treafons, which have had fuch difmal efedis in this Kingdom, are principally to be imputed , and who by their prefent obftinate refuting to Take and Subfcribe an Oath. and Declaration , That they do not hold it Lawful to take rap: .4 RAl S againft the KING, and that they will not endeavour any Alteration of Governrent either in Church or State; do ne ceflarily enforce us to conclude, thät they are fill ready to engage themfelves, ( if not actually engaged) in fome Rebel- lious Confpixacy againít the KING, and to invade and :sub- vert