Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

f12i Gofpel may read it : And you may write it on aPillar, and that may teachMen, and yet Pillars and Books are not Paftors. L. But what's all this toyour Conformity ? M. i. It's unlawful for me to Swear Obedience to this. 2. Or to publifh an Excommunication againft good Chriftians, for not defpifing their Souls, and the Preachingof the Gofpel. 3. Or to repel fuchPerlons if they leek to me for any Paftoral Helps, and Sacramental Communion. Chap. XXXII!. Point XXX. OfCanon 58. that maketh the Surplice neceffary to Miniflration. M. Am not determining whether it be any Sin to wear a 1 Surplice, nor cenluring any man for it : But when it is known how many learned and excellent Minifters have been a- gainft it, I take it for a greater Sin than I will name , to eje them from the Minifiry for it ; and I cannot approve of fuch a Canon. But enough of this before. Chap. XXX!V. Point XXXI. Of Chriflening all Children without Exception, according to Canon 68. M. ¡+1He words are C" No Minifler (hall refufe or delay to " Chriften any Child according to the Form of the "Book of Common -Prayer, that is brought to_the Church to "him upon anySundayor Holy-Day to be Chriftened. I have Paid fo much of this before, that Ihere only fay briefly, I. This fuppofeth a falfe or unproved Do&tine, that the In- fants of all Atheifis, Infidels, Jews, Hereticks, Blafphemers, orc. are in the Covenant of Grace , fo far as to have right to be put by Baptifm into prefent Poffefïion of Pardon , and of right to Salvation. 2. When none muff be delayed that are brought to Church; the Minifter cannot fo muchas enquire whether the God-fathers know what Chriftianity is, or areChriftians, or Jews, or Infidels: Or whether ever they received the Lord's Supper; which the Çanou makes neceffary. 3, Till,