Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[I22l 3. Till they have given the Church proof from God's Wordy that all Infants in the World have right to Baptifm , it is too great Domination over mens Faith to command Obedience on pain of Sufpenfion. Had we given no better proof for the Ho- linels and Baptifm of the Seed of the Faithful, than thefe men bring for the Seed of Infidels, molt good. Chriflians had turned Anabaptifls long ago. Chap. XXXV. Point XXXII. Of Can. 7z. fha rif Falls af,cl Frgyer. L. Hat are the words of that Canon ? W V M. [" No Minifter or Miniflers (hall without 4< Licenfe and Direóion of the Bifhop of the Diocefs firít ob- " tamed and' had under his Hand and Seal, appoint or keep any " Solemn Fails, either publickly or in private Houles, other than "finch as by Law are, or by Publick Authority thall be appoint- " ed Nor (hall be wittingly prefent at any of them, under pain. " ofSuípenfìon for the firft Fault, of Excommunication for the " fecond, and of Depofition from the Minittry for the third. "Neither [hall anyMinitter (not Licenfed as is aforefàid) prefume ".to appoint or hold any Meetings for Ser.mons,c-c. ----nor attempt " by Failing and Prayer to caft out any Devil, 0-c. L. All this was done toprevent Ab.fes.. M. Itfell out well that they did not forbid: Chriftianity or reading Scripture in a known Tongue , to prevent abufing it And next , that they forbad not Law and the. ufe. of' Reafon,.. which is molt ofall abuted. But do not you think that they, make. very unworthy Men Minifters, or that they change or. maim the Paftoral Office, when no Minder, no not the wifeft may be trufted to fait and pray with his Neighbours`? Should "aMaft'er.ofa Family be forbidden this in his Houle ? the Yews forbad it not toCornelit-s. What jea loufìes have fucha Clergy of one another.? And of Preaching, Failing and Praying ? What.ifTome Neighbours have Come great. Temptations, fornegreat Guilt, fore great Danger, by .a Plague, Or the like, or Tome great Aflli`tion ( fame Friends near Death ) or fore important Bufinefs ofgreat moment, (as Marriage, Tra- vel, Nays'gation, c c.) Mull the. Bishop know all their fecrets that