Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

112.31 that their Paftór at home 'muff_ know ? Or is he a capable judge for many Hundred Parifhes when they muff Fall or Pray ? Or did you ever know any go to him for fuch a Licenfe ? Are not thofe unworthy Minifiers that be not fit to be trufted toFait and Pray with their People, while the Law is open to punifh all abu- fes of it ? And are not thofe over-fubjeEt to Prelacy that will Swear Obedience in this , any more than againft Preaching the Gofpel ? pan. 6. 5. We ¡hall not find any occafon againfi this Daniel, except. we find it concerning the Lawof his God. Chap. XXXVI. Point XXXIII. Of the Excommunication of the three lat Canons. ' quality of the mil of the Canons refolve me, that it is unlawful for me, if commanded, to pubiifh an Ex- communication againft any upon the three kit L. What be the three laf ? M. The139th is [`` Whofoever fliall hereafter affirm, that the " Sacred Synod of this Nation in the NameofChrift, and by the " King's Authority affembled, is not the true Church ofEng- land by Reprefentation let him be Excommunicate , and not "'reftored till he repent and publickly revoke this his wicked " Error. L. What fault can you find with this M. I. No Man can tell what is the Church reprefentative, till they know which is the Church real. And this they tell us not either as to Matter or form. i. Whether the Church real be only the Clergy, or allo the Laity ? Whether the King and Par- liament, Nobles, Gentry and Commons, be all Reprefented in the Convocation? If yea , by what Law or Power ? And may we fay that King and Parliament dowhat thefe do ? What need they then after to confirm their Canons ? And they that hold the Church Laws bind in Confcience as fuch before King and Parlia- ment confirm them, twill bringKing and Parliament under their Obedience, if not Excommunication. But if they pretend not to reprefent the King and Laity, they falfly exclude them from being part of the Church. 2. They are utterly difagreed de Forma what the Church of England is : eitherit hath an Ecclefiaftical conítitutive Soveraign R 2 Power,