Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

ít257 an Accident, we may fay , that the Papiifs themfelvcs are oft put to fay, that General Councils bind not theabfent, till they receive them ; And the French long received not the Council of Trent, nor many Churches other Councils. L. What is the laft Canon? M. The 141 ft ( for fo many. Church - Commandments we have, God's Ten being but a little part of our Religion) is, Whoever fhall affirm that the Sacred Synod affembled as " aforefaid, was a Company of fuch Perfons as did confpire to- " gether againft Godly and Religious Profe(ïors of the Gofpel, and that therefore both they and their Proceedings in ma- " king Canons and Conftitutions in Caufes Ecclefiaftical by. the King's Authority Let them be Excommunicated and " not reltored, c. Here again we doubt not of the King's obligatory Power But what the Perlons and their Works were, I think a Point that Chrifiians may differ about , and not deferve Excommuni- cation. It they could forefee what Men would judge of them : and no wonder, tho' they had not the Gift of Pro- phecy., I am none of their Judge, but leave God's Work to himfèlf : But I maft fay, that this Book of Canons doth no whit.increafe my elleem of Council , of Prelacy, of Humane Canons or Clergies Laws nor of the particular Bi(hops and Clergy that made them. And that I will neither publish fuch Excommunications , nor promife or fwear to do it : Tho' I know that ftretching pretences fatisfie forne Men; like theirs that own the name of Sacred to that Synod, becaufe Sacrum quod fanElum, fiumi execrabile (gnat , A profeffed and relative Sanótity, may be granted them. Chap. XXXVII. Point XXXI V.. Of renouncing all Obli- gations from the Covenant, as on me or any other, to endea- vour any alterat on ofChurch Gevernment. L. Bis is now ceafed at the end of twenty )ears; what need you mention this ? td. I. I thought you had defined to knout whywe conformed not for the twentyyears paft. 2. 1 fuppofethat,,the- like is ftilf impofed onothers, in theCorporation At, the Veftry Aft, the Militia. Al/P..7"