Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[1263 Militia Ad, and theMarrow ofit ftill impofed on in the0, - ford Oath. . L. Andwhat haveyou ag:sinft it ? Firft I'll tell you what we havenot againft it, becaufe we areCommonly here falfiy accufed. I. It is none ofour Controverfie whether this Oath or Cove- nant was unlawfully made and impofed both on thepeople and the King 'we denynone of this. 2. It is none ofour Controverfie, whether there be not forre part of theMatter ofit that is unlawful : We deny not that. 3. It is none ofour Controverfie, whether it was not unlaw- fully taken : We jufifie not that as to our (elves, tho' we arenot judges of the fin of King and Lords, and others whom we have no Calling tocondemn. a, .4. It is none ofour Controverfie, whether this, or any òtlier Covenant òr Vow do bind us to Rebellion, Sedition, or any un- lawful Add ; we renounce all fuch obligation. s. Yea, we hold that neither this, nor anyother Vows ofour own, can prevent anyObligation that the King bath Authority to impofeupon us, in things great or finali; elfe men might dif- able Magifûrates to rule them, and exempt themfelves fromObe- dience, by Vowing before handnot to obey. 6. I add for my felf, that I hold my felfbound by this Cove- nant to nothing, which I had not been bound to ifI had never taken it. For I never thought that by Vows we may make new Religions or Laws to our felves, but only bind our felves to that which God doth make our Duty. L. Where then is the danger orfin that youfear ? , M. I. As to the Obligation of the Vow on my felf. IL As to the Obligation ofit on all others. III. As to the Matter of altering Church Government. r. I am neither fo blind, wicked or fingular, as to deny the common DoCtrine of CafuifIs, Proteff antsand Papifls ; that tho' a Vow beboth finfully impofed, and finfully taken, yet it bindeth in materia necefaria & licita : Yea, that if part of the matter be unlawful, yet it bindeth to that part which is lawful. Elfe a Knave might exempt himfelf from the performance of all his Vows, by foifting in forne unlawful matter, or by making them in an unlawful manner. Therefore