Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

.a. [tz8] the Peace or good Behaviour, I fhould think it a piece ofas pal- pable injuftice as molt ever the World knew. But ifI muft un- dertake toanfwer for all their Souls, in a cafe where thoufands of Learned men have been of the contrary mind, I'll firft think how to anfwer for my own. Yet asto that part which I am certain of my felf,I do not fcru= ple it. I darefubfcribe that the Covenant bindeth no man to be Palle or Rebellious againft the King, or to endeavour to alter our Monarchy, ór todeprive the Kingof any of his Rights ; nor to endeavour to change any part of Church Government which Chrift hath inftituted for continuance in his Church. And is not thisenough ? But whether our Diocefan frame, as diftiné from that which Arch-bifhop Vjher called the Primitive Government , be change- able ; or whether none of their Courts, and Lay-mens power of the Keys be changeable, or ought to be changed ? And whether no manmay endeavour it in his place and calling ? I think a man may, be faved without knowing. And I think, if you ask a man, ifKing and Parliament fhould change the Officeof an Official, a Commiffary, a Chancellor, &c. or fhould let up a Bithop in every Market Town, is it a fin againft God ? or is it unlawful to ebey them ? or ifit be lawful to do it, and any of them Swear to endeavour it in his place, is he bound to perform that Oath ? Ifto all this a man fay, I cannot tell, I am not Learned enough in Lam and Divinity to refolve loch cafes ; but I am relayed my felf to live in Loyalty and Peace. I would ask any man that bath not put offhumanity, whether that man be fit to determine the cafe for all other men in three Kingdoms, and to be a voucher for all their Souls in a cafe that he underftandeth not himfelf. L. How loth thismake you a Voucherfor their Souls? M. i. The cafe is ofexceeding weight : III fhould publickly declare that no man is thus bound bya Vow, and I fhould prove miftaken. I. ThenI become guilty ofall thefe mens fin by jufti- fying it as no fin. 2. And I amguiltyofcruelty-to theirSouls in open telling them that they need not perform their Vows, nor repent of non-performance. 3. And Perjury is one of the hei- noufeft fins on Earth. 4. And the Perjuryof Millions or Nati- ons is yet one ofthe grievoufeft degrees of guilt. 5. And I do my worft to make God deftroy or forfake fuch a Land. And what yet can I do worfe ? I fay, if in juftifying them I fhould be miftaken,