Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[117] Therefore if there be any thing that is necefTry or lawful in that Vow, I believe that I am thereto bound. I So Rebels that think* lawful to rebel, will fay that the Cove- nant binds them to it.. M. So he that thinks Gods Law doth bind him to Murder or Rebellion, will plead Gods Law for it : But doth it follow that Gods Law bhideth him to that or to nothing ? It is not mens falbe fayings that makeor prove fuchObligation ? He that will fay that Gods Laws, or the Kings, or the Cove- nant, binds him to fin, mull be punifhed for his Sin and Lie,,and yet all jufl Obligations bland. L. t t yo a are bound before by other Obligations to all that is good in it, and not by the Covenant ? M. That's an inference contrary to Reafon and Chriflianity Can aMan ofany Reafon once dream that a Man may not have many Obligations to one and the fame Duty ? or that the fecond Oath binds not to itbecaufe the firfl did ? youvowed your felf to Chriff in Baptifm, and you renew the fame in the Lords Supper`: Are all the latter null, becaufe the'firfl is valid ? What if you many times Swear Allegiance to the King,? Do none of thefe bind you but the firfi ? L. II. But do you thinkthat endeavours to alter Church Govern, ment is any ofyour lawful or neceff:ary Matter M. You know that there is a Law that maketh it apramunine penalty, to fay that the Covenant bindeth one to endeavour any alterationofChurch Government: And why then will you put Tuch a queflion to me ? All that I' will fay is this, that as I fay not that anyone is bound to it by this Covenant ; fo I amnot fo good a Cafuit' as to be able to jùflifie and acquit all other men fromall fuch Obligations. Let them look to themfelves,, for my part T will be no voucher or furety for their indemnity. L. III. This brings up to the other part of your RKeafons ;. andwhy mayyou not fay that ndne isfo bound ? M. r. Becaufe God never made me a'Cahill todetermine the cafe for all men in three Kingdoms. z. Becaufe it is a new and monflrous thing for one private man ( yea manythoufand private men) to be forced to Inch an Office and Undertaking : Every man muff anfwer for hiinfelf. before God and Man : i7oxa capper fequitur. If I were commanded to be furety for every man in England, Scotland and Ireland, but for the