Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[142] . I. He is the 3udge of his own' Intereft, when the Cafe cometh be- fore hire : Till then a doubtful, or at- leaft a certain Commiton, may not be reffted : Tou would entangle the Cafe with difficulties that feldnm fall out; but are- you ag:inft reffting all known Corn- millions ? ' 1. You know thaythe Oaths and Stibfcriptions extend to all cafes, and againft any pretence. rrhatfoever, not excepting rare Cafes : What I am for or againft I'll tell youmore anon. But I ask further, dio' .I am bound by the Fifth Commandment to be- lieve that the Irifh belied the King, and that theScots belied him, who in their Book called Truths Manifef affirm that He Com- miflioned the Irifh by the Scots broad Seal, which was then in his pofefon in Scotland ; do you think ifthe Scots could have proved. what they affirm, that it had been lawful to have refitted the Irifh, and defended the Proteftants Lives and Cities in In- land ? L. I will not anfwerfuch dangerousqueftions. M. But mutt all ignorant men then Subfcribe and Swear t what you cannot, or dare not anfwer. But I further ask you, about not refitting Cornnmiffions on any pretence whatfoever ; what was the fence of the old Greek Phi- lofophers and Orators in that cafe ? L. Tou know they were almoft all bred up in Ariftocratical or Demo- cratical Republicks; and therefore no wonder if they are againft yu in this andmore. Al. What was the fence of the old Roman Orators, Philofo- phers and Hiftorians as to thispoint L.. They afowere hatcht under Popular Government; and tho' the later fort nnagn ifei ch excellent Monarchs as Auguflus, Vefpafian, Titus, Adrian , Antoninus Pius and Anton. Philof and AlexL ander Severus, yet it is no wonder that they were too n uch for reft- ing and depot92g f tch sts oppref the Cemmornmealth. M. What was the fence of The Ancient Bifhops and Clergy herein. L. They were long for patientfufering : But it is no wonder that .when they grew worldlyand ftrong, they not only reified, but depcfed _Emperors and Princes. M. I pray which way go the Papift Cafuifts in this cafe of re:- fiffance. L. You carrot doubt ofthat When you know .their Councels Laws for