Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[141] M. But Man hath Reafon to rule natural inclinati9ns : And lure a Malefaaür if he could, fhould not defend his Life againft Juftice, I think not fo much as by running away : Nor many Tingle innocent Perfons defend their Lives by a publick War, becaufe a War is more hurtful to the Cornmonwea'th than his death is : And theCommon good isbetter than a tingle Perfons, or a fews, and to be prefer'd. But I next ask, whether the Body ofa Kingdom have by rods La:v ofNature afelf-defendingpower againfi its notorious affaulting Foes? L. Do you think any man doubts of that ? May not the King and Kingdom defend themfelves againft Invaders ? If one man may de- fend his Purfe or Life againí? another, a King and Kingdom is more worth than one man : You can hardly name one principle in the Law of Nature more undoubted, than that Kingdoms have a right to defend themfelves if they can. M. And may they not defend themfelves, againft Usurpers and Rebels, andTraytors at home, as well as againft Forreign Foes? L. To deny that is Treafon : How elfefhould we defend the Xing? Was not JackStraw, andmany a Rebellion lawfully refifted ? and did not the Lord Mayor of London Lawfully kill Wat. Tyler ? and fo ofany other in his cafe. M. But what ifthe Irifh took on them to rife by the Kings Commiffion, and fliew'd a Counterfeit of it, was it lawful for the Proteflants to have refitted them to fave their Lives and Cities? L. They fhould have fent to the King to knowwhether that Corn- migion was Counterfeit or not. M. But before they could do that, Dublin had been loft, and all their Lives and Hates : And the two hundred thoutand that were Murdered were not reftorecl to Life again; when it, was notified that they belied the King, and that they had not his Corr!- miílion. L. It was notorious by the nature of the cafe that they belied the King,. and had none of his Commiffion, becaufe it wasfo greatly o- gainft his own 'ntereft. 44. Will you allow any Countrey to refift an Army that thew. the Kings Commiilion, if they are confident, or can prove that it is againft his lntereft ? L.FI'e