Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[1441 L , 1 will be no judge of them. M. I. pray what think . you Of thofe great Prelatifts that write, as Bifhop L'ilfon, and Ri. Hookçr, and }er. Taylor do, and that joined with Abbot and the Parliament againit Dr. Laud, Sibthorpe and Mainwaring : . Which of them think you was in the right ? L. You put too many Qae.FJions. I will anfwer na more. M And null we 'Ignorant Men fwear that all thefe aforefaid were deceived,- and knew lefs than we ? Verily, Sir, It feems a boldOath for fo great aNumber ofun- learned Menas are, put upon it, and for us that are unlearned in the Engli(h Laws. L. But I doubt all thefe.hard Quest-lions are but railed as dug to hide forge Principles of Rebellion ? What is your ownjudgment, and how will you give Securityfor your Loyalty ? M. They that think my Oath Security, takeme. for fo honeft, as that I will not be Perjured. And if fo , I have already taken theOaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and an Oath of Fidelity as the King's Chaplain in Ordinary (tho' never called to exer- cife it.) And I have fully in a large Volume , called , Afecond Pleafor Peace, declared my Political Principles , which after all thoughts I Band to; And no one bath given me a word of Ex- ceptions again(} them to this day , after fo many years, but Tome' in weer PMMalice tell meofmy Aphorifins revok't, without taking. noticeof this. I here repeat that I am ready to engage to the utmoft , that .I renounce all Rebellion, Treafon and Sedition, and all Princi- ples tending thereto ; that I am for as much Power of Princes and Obedience of Subjeás, as any Text of Scripture fpeaks for, or as is given or of erted by any General Council , or the Confef- tion ofany Chriftian Church that I have feen, except what is afcri- bed to the Pope and his. Subftitutes; And I hold it unlawful to take Arms at all ag3inft the King ; that is, againft either his Au- thority, Perfcon, Rights Or Prerogative; or againit any lawfully Comnliftioned by him, yea, or unlawfully, except in fuch Cafes as GodsLaw ofNature, or theKing himfelfby Law or contrary Command ff all bind Men to refill. L. And fo you will fuppofe that God's Law of Nature bindeth you in force Cafes to reppt : And will not all Rebels plead that ,Law ? M. Dare