Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

1r4S'1 M. Dare you fay that there is no fuch Cale ? King j'ames wri° tech, that a King may not make War againft his whole Kingdom ? If Ten Irifhmen pretend a Commiffion to Kill all the Parliament and Proteftants in the Land, or to feize on the King's Garifons, or if King Tohn give his Kingdom to the Pope, ask Hooker, Bi f on or Parliaments; what the Law of Nature faith to there Cafes. Chap. XL. Point XXXVI!, Of Afeasting andConfenring to the Daninatory Claujes of Athanaflus's Creed. L. I,dope you mill not quarrel with the Creed. M. I take the Creed called Athanafius's (tho' the Author is unknown) to be an excellent Explication of the Doctrine of theTrinity And could with that it were more ufed and learnt of all. But I amnot fo far to judge other Men, as toconclude all Men certainly damned for ever that are not fo well skilled in that Myftery, as to believe every word there written. L. I have heard Learned Menfay, That the Affent and Content is not to be extended to the Damnatory Claufes, but only the Doctrinal Articles. M. They that can make Lams and Oaths fpeak or mean what they lift, neednot (tick at any thing. Is not the Damnatory part a part cf the Book ofCommon-Prayer, and contained in it ? L. But theyprove thus, that it meaneth nofuchConfent or Approba- tion. The Liturgy requreth you to read the Apocrypha, and yet not to believe all things in it to be true ; For, fay they, divers things in 'To- bit are evidentlyfalfe : Andfo tho' it bindyou to ufe and read Atha- nafius's Creed, it binds you not to believe all in it tobe true. M. This Cheat is too grofs todeceive a School-Boy with. Is Athanafus's Creed a real part of the Common-Prayer Book , con tain'd in it, or not ? L. Tes, no doubt ; we there find it both contained and prefcribed Verbatim. M. Is the Apocrypha any part of the Common-Prayer Book, and contained in it, or not ? L. If there be any Sentences out of it there inferted, thole are part; elfe the Apocrypha is no part of the Book : It is only the Order to read it that is a part. M. Is