Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[t 471 Chap. XLII. Point XXXIX. Of forcing the ttnwillirng `Fa. rifbie-ners to tl e ia.;rarnent, and Accuftktg and Exconamtatni- eati?7f the ßefitfers. L. Ow are you bound to this by Conformity ? M. 1. We mull affent and confent to the Rubrick, which commandeth [That every Parifhioner (hall Communicate three times if year at leafy. 2. The Oath of Canonical Obedience binds us toobey the I 12 Canon, as well as the ref ; which faith [The Minifler, Churchwardens, 2tçeftmen and Affifiants of every Parifh- Church and Chappel, (hall yearly within 40 days after ;Eafler ex- hibit to the Bifhop or his Chancellor, the Names , and Surnames of All the Parifhioners as well Men as Women , which being at the Age of 16 years, received not the Communion at Eafter before.] And then they are to be Excommunicated if they refufe , and to lie in Jail till they die, when taken by the Writ De Excommunicate, Capiendo. L. And why f,ould not men be forced to their Duty , and to their own good, if they are backward to it ? M. The internal part is the fir rk and chief part oftheir Duty, without which the external is not their Duty, but theirgreat Sin. It is the Duty of Heathens to Believe and be baptized, but not to be baptized till they believe. It is the Duty of Candidates for the Miniflry , to get Ability and Ordination and to officiate. But not to officiate before they get Ability and Ordination. IF is the Duty of every Man to believe theTruth of the Go- Ipel, and toprofefs that belief : But to fay he believeth, when lie dothnot, is Hypocrite and Lying. It is a floathful Man's Duty to rife and dcefs him, and go to his Work ; but not to work in Iced , or go abroad Naked. Men that need Mar- riage muff Marry , and then liberis operant dare , but not to do this before ..they Marry. So Perfons that are unfit for theSa- crament mutt be fit, and then receive it , but not before they are fit. Now if you can force them by a Gaol out of -Igno France , unbelief and ungodlinefs , it will be a very charitable work : Otherwife you force them upon Sacriledge and Pro- fanation to their Damnation. Why elfe doth the Common- Prayer' Book perfwvade the Blafphemers and hinderers of Yfod's U z