Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[146] . Ts not this a palpable Deceit,to argue that we are not bound to Affect and Confent to that which is contained in the Book, becaufe we are not fo bound to that which is not contained in it? Chap, XLI. Point XXXVIII. Of Saying Common-Prayer twice a clay every day in the Year ordinarày. . L. TT is but that you 'lull every day fay the Morning and Evening Service, not being lett by Sicknefs, or other urgent Caufe.] And drat have you againfk this ? M. I, think when the Book was made, to help the ignorant Vulgar out of Popery, every day to ufe the Common- Prayer was a very good help to them. But the Cafe is much altered ., and People now have more fuitable Helps ; and Minifters have fo much other Workto do in their Studies, and with their Neigh- bours every day, and forne Prayers to ufe more fuitable to their Families and Clofets, that it muff needs be a finful Impediment againft other Duties, to fay Common-Prayer twice a day. If they were commanded to Preach twice a day, every day in the year, it would caufe a finful Omifiion of other Duties , how good foever Preaching be in it fel£ L. But then you have urgent Caufe of forbearance. M. We are not for abufive dallying with Covenants about Sacred things : It is evident by the inffance ofSicknefs, that the Authors of the Impofition, meant only extraordinary Caufes as ur gent, and not that we fhould take our ordinary Work for fuch an urgent Caufe. As if a Min that is bound to fpend molt of the day in his Shop fhould Covenant to go Thirty Miles every day, if he be not lett by urgent Caufe. L. But youfee that alanoff no Conformi,s do thus.: therefore it'scer- tain that they do not fo underhand it. M. That's a warning to take heed of promifing that which we fee fo many that promifed it not perform ; Theyare our Monitors to take heed of fuch a playing with Sacred Covenants, and de- ceiving the Law, inftead of obeying it Chap: