Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[f6o] rL. Todlay heavy Charges on the Parliament and Bifhops that have filencedyou : you are heft take heed what youfay. M. No honeft heed will fecure a man in this Age of malignity and perjury. But you miftake me : I meddle not with the Par- liament, Laws, or Bifiiops, much lefts with the I£ing : I leave all men to their righteous judge , who is at the door : To- lit Judgment they ftand or fall : I only tell you whatI think it would be in us that are Vowed to the facred Miniftry , if we defert our Office and Work for Man's Prohibition. L. But all thefe People that you talk of, may find room in other Pa_ rip Churches : Many Churches in London are half empty, or have room enough. M. Do you not know that the London Churches were burnt down 1666, and to this day it's but few of them that are built again : but Minifters preach in ímall inconvenient Tabernacles : And thofe that are built, the Seats are commonly all taken up long ago, and lock'd up : I heard the lait Week an Eminent Esquire fay, that he offer'd Five Pound for a Seat, and could have none, and he was not able to fraud fo long with the Lads in the Alley. People will not let Strangers into their Sears, when they are Crowded witli the Owners : I come into no Church that hash a competent lober Preacher, that is not full Alleys and Seats. And I pray you if ten Theufmd out ofStep- ney, or Martins, or Giles would go about the City .to reek for Church-room : r. How (hall they know before hand in what Churches to find it ? 2. When they mils it in three or four, the time will be over before they find it in a fifth. 3. Few but flrong men are able to Eland fo long in the Alleys without Seats 4. And this fuppofeth them to be honeft thirfly SDuls that have leafs need ; whereas the worfer fort that have no fah appetite are the Multitude, who will flay at home if they have net convenience near them. S. And the molt willing People will hardly travel far to hear a man rail at them and hander them, as fame do. L. But what great fupply of this defeë1 do your Meetings make ? Are not ,roll' of them in the Parifhes Where there is room ? An,i are not me of dour hearers fuch as you think,have leafy' need ? M. t. As many Meetings are held in the Greater Parishes as will be endured, and morewould be, could they be fuffcred at any po ible rate. Thole d