Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[ibij . Thofe that dwell in the greater Parifbes, cango further into the lets, when they know before-hand that they have there room and hired Seats. The Meetings that have been kept up in the City Parifhes , *ere as much for others , as for the Parifhioners, and were there continued, becaufe there was till of late the leafs difturbance, and gentleft profecution. 3. ,Thofe that have leaft need, yet have fo great need , as is more regardable than any bodily want : Souls and Heaven are precious, and all Men have Sins and Weakneffes and Tempta- tions, and all helps pofhble are little enough to fecure our Sal- vation. 4. When godly Perfone are at our Affemblies,they take not up that room in the Parifh-Churches which others would have, and fo exclude not others. L. But after all your Meetings;, there are frill as many thou(ands as yrta talk of that go tono Church. M. We are unwilling to be found any Caufe of thàt. The n-xe need there is, the greater is our guilt, if we negledwhat ice can do for the fupply. L. Put rwh<. is this to the common Cafe of CountryParities M. For my part I would have no filenced Minifter preach where there is not evident need. But the Country alas is not without need. ..t. Some Parishes are fo great, that part of the Inhabitants have more miles to come-to Church, than the Aged, Women, Weak and Children can Travel. z. Too many have filch Teachers as the people dare not take for their Paf}ors, any more than an ignorant Quack for their Phyfician , or one for their Schoolma!ler that cannot read. 3. Some had able Learned Pallors turned ont, and they cannot prove that their relation to them as Each is diffnlved. 4. Some by the ruining ProfecutiQns of the Clergy and Bilhops Counfils are cat}. into an over-great avertnefs to them, and will not take fuch for their Palfors, as they think have the Teeth and Claws of Wolves. And' will not travel -far to fek Figs and Grapes on Thorns <and 'Riffles. And if thefe err and be to be blamed, they are not therefore to he fortikçn, any more than our Children, if they cannot eat Cheefe , are to be famifhed and denied all other food. Y But