Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

031 Chap. XLIV. Of Lay Conformity. Point I. Prether all Alen mfl t ru/l their Souls only en the ¶Fafloral Care of f t( ß as our Patrons choofe, and Bi¡noes inflitute. L. j Thought you would have objeE7-ed only againft rtins and Ge- t /hires, and you ta&of Matters that affright one at the very ftating of the Care : But horn are all Lay-men thusobliged ? M. I have before cited the exprefs words of the Canon They must be prefented and profecuted if they come not to their Parifh-Churches: They muft be driven home from all Neighbour- Churches, if it be one that never Preacheth that they go from, and muff be Excommunicate at laft ; the Minifter muft be fuf pended that admits them. L. But Bi(hop Gunning's Chaplain faith well, that you may.yet privately advife with other Minifters. M. I take that from them for a great favour, that they drive us not from all Chriftian converfe, but give us leave to fpeak privately with moire than the Parifh-Prieft : But even privately it muft be no Nonconformift , for they cannot be heard at five Miles diftance. But will you ferioufly tell me , I. Whether molt Pariíh Minifters havenot fo much Work at home, that they have lit- tle time to fpare for Strangers? 2. Whether as Men provide firft for their own Families be- fore they relieve Neighbours and the Poor ; fo Minifters will not think themfelves bound to do by their own Parishes ? and fcarce afford the fcraps to others ? 3. Do you think m Confcience that all Souls, and fpecially the moft Ignorant have not need of a conftant Paftor, and the help ofhis Office, as well as of an occafional Difcourfe with a Stranger ? If nor, what have we Parifh-Priefts for , and why pay we Tythes to them? L. "But all Places cannot have profound Cafuifts, and extraordi- nary Learned holy Men : Few Churches had an Auguftine, a Chry4 fotome, a Bafl, or Nazianzen. Ì4. All Men cannot have excellent Phyficians, not richTrades, nor pleafant Dwellings, nor excellent Wives or Servants, cc. X z But