Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[16 51 or into Laughter, or into hatred of Puritans ; and out ofthe Pul- pit doth drink, and talk, and live as they. 2. Suppofe there Men hear the Clergy tell why they Silence and Banish, and render odious fuch Men as we are : And they, think with.themfelves, we perceive by this that it is not indiffe- rent what paftors we have : And if thefe reviled Men be fo bad, is our Prieft any better or wifer or honefter , or more to be trufted ? 3. Suppofe thefe poor people had a Teacher 20 or to years that is now caft out, whole preaching they found to be clear and edifying, and quickening; that preacht all for Faith, and Hope, and Love, and Holinefs, and Peace, and Heaven; and lived in exemplary Charity , Piety, and Righteously and Soberly , and unweariedly taught them with tendernefs publickly and from Houfe to I-iaufe. And the fence and experience of their Souls tells them how great the change of their condition is? 4. Suppofe there Men hear the Teacher called Arminian, de- riding Infufions of the Spirit and Grace , and proving that God wórkelh on Souls morally by the aptitude ofmeans, and teacheth and changethMen as rational Creatures ? Can youblame this Man if he conclude [My Soul is more to me than my Life : ruy Neceffity is unqueflionable my Expe- rience what edifieth me is. not to be born down by the fcorn of a derider. I am dark and dull, and too bad under the heft helps, but alas profit little by an infipid, fleepy or deriding Speech. As no man ha:h power to tie me to marry an ugly Scold, or to truft a Fool, cr Knave, or Enemy for my Phyfician 7 fo no manpath power to deprive me of the needful helps to my Salvation, when 1 can have them. B :;.t they all Preach the fame Word of God. ;.1. Do you think the myflerious Invifible things of Faith, and the Multitude of hard Cafes in Obedience , and the many. dangerous Dif'empe's of a carnal, worldly, dead Heart , have not need of as skilful a Helper, as the Profeffion of Law and Phyfick bath ? How vatl a difference is there betty eeri an ignorant Prater, and a skilful Lawyer or Phyfician ? And as I have more care of my Soul than of my Body , fo mens Laws have leis power over it.