Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[ 1 C7]°. know now. Bithop Morton was our Bifliop. Ifwe are fo hard-::: ly agreed in a notorious matter of Fact, viz. what Paflors multi- tudes of Pariihes now have, it's in vain to difpute ofany thing elfe.. 2. When we have told the Conformifls what men are Infti- tnted, their common anfwer is, that it's long of the Patrons, and the Law, that enableth not the Bithop to keep them out : And that if the Bithop deny Inflitution to any one that canbut fay fome account of his Faith in Latin, a quare impedit will force him to Inflirute him. But whether you will lay it on the Bithops want ofPower, or their. Will, it's no relief to the miferable Peo- ple. And that which the Bithop requireth more to Ordination, is but a Certificate of a good. Converfation ; which I never knew man fo Heretical or wicked in all my Life, that could not get from threeMinifters. , L. Would you have Patrons turned out of their right ? M. No, it is no right ofGods giving to be the foie Choofers of Paftors for men Souls. There is a threefold part in Minifters ad- mittance. i. To judge who is fit tobe by themOrdained :. And this is the Ordainers part. 2. To Chufe or Coulent who (hall be the Paflor of Mens Souls : And this is the Peoples part. 3. To judge and chufe who (hall have the publick Places,. Maintenance, Countenance and Toleration :. And this is the Ma- gifirates and Patrons part. L. But theft three may differ, and it's like will do fo ; how then pall ever the Churches be provided ? Al Thereis nothing in this World without difficulties and in- conveniences : But on fo great a Treafure a threefold. Lock is good fecurity ; andbath lefs inconvenience than the way that we are againft. It's like neceility will at fait make all content, (as- the Cities in Belgium do in their Government.) But ifthey ihould not 5 i. None can chufe who (hall be the Paftor of this or that Church, till the Ordainers conf t that he be in general a Min i- fter in the Church 4niverfal : Wthat their Content fo far is pre vious. z. If the Patron offer an unfit Man, and the People refafe him, he may offer others : If.they continue to difagree, it is but let