Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

fx SJ let the Patron chufe *ho fhall have the Place and Tythes, and the People chufe who fhall be their Pallor. L. What confiufion will this bring in ? Shall one that is no Pal;or have the Benefice ? andwhom hall the People chnfe,and inherefliall they 4ffemble ? M. .Ifgreat Men that fhould keepGods Order, will obflinate- 1y break it, it's they that caufe the conflation, and inferiors can- not remedy it. ,But ifyou will lay by prejudice andhave patience I (hall open the cafe to you. I. The Magifirate as the Patron of the Church, mull fee that every place have competent Teaching : And over the meer Ca- techumens or. Auditors, he may appoint who (hall chufé tiefe Parüh Teachers, and to them as fuch he may give the publick Place and Maintenance (if Original Dedication to Paftors as fuck make it not Sacriledge toalienate it.) -And thefe Teachers -are bound toPreach, Catechife, and do all that's due to Cate- chumens. IL If there men be tolerable, no doubt the generality of the People will chufe them for their Paftors, prudence requiring it -; rather than lofe the advantage of the Place, and of .a counte- nanced maintained Miniftry. I1I. If intolerable Men get in, or finch as the Flock of Com- municants cannot fubmit to, it's molt-like that the People will for the advantage of the publick Place and Countenance, take fome Neighbour Paftor for theirs, and there Communicate, pay- ing their Tythes at home. IV. Ifmorechufe the Pariíll Teacher for their Paftor, and a fewDiffenters go to the net Pariam Church, the inconvenience will be comparatively fmall. V. Ifanynumber can confeaj no PariflmMinifter near them, it is but to tolerate their Communion in a place oftheir own pre- paring, if the Maifrrate find their Principles and Converfation tolerable, and this under Laws of Peace and gooal, Behaviour kind what harm is in all this .? L. 1t