Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

The Contents. 'Ch. 18, XV. Of ..lffent ing to Mif-trailflations of God's Word , and fubfçribing that they are not contrary to it. Ch. 19. XVI. Of Confenting to rejetí all from Chriftian Communion, who defire not the Englifh manner of Epifcopal Confirmation. C. 20, XVII. Of Contenting to dl the Ornaments of Church and Mi- nifers which were in ufe in the Secondyear ofKing Edw. 6. Ch. 21. XVIII. Of giving account to the Ordinary of allthat we beep from the Sacrament, that he may proceed againil them according to the Canons : which leads us to confider thofe Canons. Ch. 22. XIX. Of Publifhing Lay-Chancellors Excommunications and .Abfolutions, according to the Canons. Ch. 23. XX. Of Publifhing Excommunications according to thefourth Canon. -Ch, 24. XXI. Of Publing Excommunications according to the fifth Canon. Ch. 25. XXII. Of Publifhing Excommunications by thefixth Canon. Ch. 26. XXIII. Of Publifhing Excommunications by the feventh Canon. Ch. 27. XXIV. Of T'ubli(hing Excommunicationsby the eighthCanon. Ch. 28. XXV. Of Excommunicating all that call DifJenters a Church, according to the 9th, loth, and 1 ithCanons. Ch. 29. XXVI. Of executing Canon 27, rejeling Nonconformifls fromCommunion. Ch. 30. XXVII. Ofrefufing others Parifhioners fromCommunion ac- cording to Can. 28. Ch. 31. XXVIII. Of Can. 38. Excommunicating Miniffersfor Re+ punting of their Subfcribing. Ch. 32. XXIX. Of Can. 51. Excommunicating Men for going for ,Baptifm and Communion from Minifters that never Preach to thofe that do. Ch.33. XXX. Of Can. 58. making the Surplice neceJfary to Mini- ftration. 'Ch. 34 XXXI. Of forcing Minifters by Can. 68. to Baptize all Chil- dren without exception of Atheifts or Infidels. Ch. 35. XXXII. OfCan. 72. againft Fafts and Prayer unlicenfed. Ch. 36. XXXIII. Of Excommunication by the three laft Canons. -Ch. 37 . XXXIV. Of renouncing all Obligation by theCovenant, as on me or Any other, to Endeavour any alterationof Church Govern. anent. eh. 38. XXXV. Of the Oxford Oath, never to Endeavor filch Al- teration. Ch, 39.