Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

The ,Contents. Ch. 39. XXXVI. Of Subfcribing andSwearing that the Pofitim is Traitorous of taking Arms by the King's Authority againft th.ofe Commitoned by him in Purfuance of fuch Commiffion ; without Ex- ception. A Lord Keeper's Seal to a Commion to Confpirators to ' may pot feize the King's Forts, Magazine and Guards ode e him. Ch. 40. XXXVII. OfAf]entingand Confènting to the a'amning Clau- fes in Athanafius's Creed. Ch. 41. XXXVIII.. Of flying Common- Prayer twice a day, every day in the year ordinarily. Ch. 42. XXXIX. Offorcing unwilling Men to the Sacrament and Ac- cufrng and Excommunicating the refufers. Ch. 43. XL. our Minifiry and ceafing to Preach the Gofpel 5 Whether it be-not Sacriledge and Cruelty in us and ofBa- nijhment 5 miles from all Corporations, &c. Ch. 44. Of Lay- Conformity. I. Whether all men muff truf their Souls on the Paftoral ConduEt ofall fuch, as our Patrons will choofe, and the Bifhops inftitute. Ch. 45. II. Whether Parents have not more right than our Patrons,.:. to choofe PaforsanáChurch-Communionfor their Children. Ch. 46. III. Of forcing Men to Schifm , by renouncing Communion with true Chriftians and true Churches. Chap. 47. IV. Of binding all the Laity to live without any more be- nefit ofChurch-.Difcipline,than is ufed bythe Bifhops and their Courts. Ch. 48. V. Of difcountenancing the fear of Sin, and the ferious pra- Hice of Godlinefs : divers in/tances. Ch. 49. V.I. The Laity denied Baptifm, who refute the forefaid for of Godfathers,.excluding the Parents. Ch. 5o. VII. Baptifm denied to them that dare notfubmit to the dedi- cating Symbol of Croffing. Ch. 5i. VIII. Of RejeEting not-kneelersfromChurch Communion. Ch. 52. IX. Ofdenying Lay-menCommunion in aNeighbour Parity Church, when they dare not Communicate with their own Parifhes For the Reafons aforefaid. Ch. 53. X. The Laity muff Swear never to endeavour any Alteration.= ofGovernment in the Church, without Exception. Ch.54. XI. The Laity mxft fwear an Abhorrence of taking Arms againft any Commiffioned by the ICi *'g, without Exception: when they ;lacier/land not whether every one be the King's Commi on that is . fined by the Lord- Chancellor or PrivySeal, though it be again b Lamy, and tend to overthrowKing and ICingdom> :. ... z+_... .. ,..ia.. ... .._ ..A