Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

11731 L. But häth not the King more power over your Family than yo.t have ? Sure the highefí power is the greatefi, and containeth all the lower in it. The laft words are a great miflake : Political Power doth not contain Natural, Perfonal and Oeconomical/ and Ecclefiaftical in it ; but fuppofeth them all unalterable and pre-exiflent, and only ufeth them to Political ends, that is, the fafety and good of the Common-wealth : And as far as this end requireth, the King bath more power of my Wife, Children, Eftate, Life, than I have : That is He may fee that I ufe my Perfonal and Family Government fo, as may not hurt the Commonwealth, and do more harm than good. But that Politick Power doth neither contain nor abrogate the other is evident. r. The Kingdoth not eat and drink for me, nor digeft my Meat, nor rejoice or grieve for me. 2. The King dothnot fin by my finning, nor fhall be judged, faved or damned for me. 3. The King may not chufe my Wife, Diet, &c. As aforefaid : Nor bath he right to lye with your Wife as you have, nor to difpofe of your Children or Propriety. 4. The King that ruleth Priefis maynot do what the Priefi doth, adminif}er Sacra- ments, ufe the ( hurch Keys, dc. So that all that he can do, is to over-rule Perfonal, Family and Church Governors, to the common good, without deftroying them. L. It isfor the Common good that all be forced to Communion. M. Yes, if you can firft force them to Faith and l Iolinefs, elfe it is for thecommon Church-confufion, Corruption , and Mens deceit and damnation, and not the commongood. Chap. XLVI, Point III. Of forcing Men to Schtfm by renouncing Communion with true Churches and Members of Chrifi. M.III. He Thirdunlawful part of Lay Conformity is,that they 1 muff be forced from Local Communion with all the Nonconformifts that Affemble any where fave in the Parifh Churches or Chappels, and fo under pretence of driving them from Schifm, they are driven intonotoriousSchifm. L. Hon' prove you that it's their Duty to have anyfuch Commu- nion with .Nonconformifts Conventieles ? Jfyou are Scifmaticl s, it's a Sin to Communicate withyou, M. i.