Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[178) endure Command and Difcipline ; and then omit it , and leave them to their wills, becaufe they will not endure it. Or , as if Lyou would take.Servants that will not be commanded,nor endure abour, and then let them be mafteriefs and idle, becaufe they will not endure fervice. Who allow'd you to take and keep fuch in Chriff.'s Church, that will not endure either to live obe- diently , or be called to Repentance ? I confefs that to let all Menalone in their fin, is the way to force kind ofPeace in the Parifh : But it is not Chrift's Peace, but the Devils, by which he keeps poffefion ofSouls andCoun- tries, till Chrift break his peace, and caft him out; fuch peacewilt end in endlefs farrow. L. What Reafons can yougive for the neceffity offilchafort of Dif- cipline, andwhy it may not be forborn ? M. I. It is Chrift's Law and Inftitution , and that is the fame reafon that we give for our Chriftianity it felf. L. But 1have read inEraftus, Selden, Ludov. Moulin andPrin, that Chrilfdid but tellhis Difciples how they fhould carry themfelves tinder the Jewifh, Government, and ufe their Sanedrims or judicatures, and didnot inftitute any newfort ofChurch-Difcipline. M. Clirift's taking occafion from the Yemifh Judicatures to in_. flitute his Difcipline, doth no more prove that he didnot obliga- torily inftitute it , than his calling twelve Apoftles according to the number of the Tribes, and his taking occafion from former pra6fice, for Baptifm, Miniftry, Elders, &c. doth prove that he ordained no fuch things. z.: What- need Chrift command his Difciples to ufe that yewifb Government which was in ufebefore, and they could not avoid ? 3. Chrift knew that the yewifh Government was prefently go- ing down, and tells his Difciples that they fhould be judged and fcourged asMálefadtors in thofeSynagogues. And is it like then that he is calling them to . exercife their difcipline in thofe Syna- Rogues. 4. Ifit were fo, it will hold, d fortiore, that if Chrift during theYewifh Policy command, them toufe fuch a Difcipline, much more in his ownChurches. L. What are your other Reafons for it ? M. 2. The very`' Natureof Chrift's Church required it, which, is a Society íeparated from the World under fpecial Laws ofHo- lin+efs and Loye 2 and for fpecial heavenly Lnds : Iftherefore it Than,