Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

' {hail be confounded with the ( W7or9)ld, and t7ot feparated toChrift, it is no Church. 3. Chrift did it for the Honour ofhimfelf, and his Kingdom If he be no more for Holinefs than the .Infictl and Heathen World is, what is he better than they, or how is he aSaviour, or what is theChurch better than Infidels ? 4. It is needful to faveHeathens from deceit that would come into the church, and to convince them that their impure Com- munion is infufficient. 5. It isneedful to fave Chriftians from damningdeceit,that they may not think that a dead, barren, unholy Faith and Name of Chriftianity will fave them , without a holy, obedient Heart and Life. 6. It is needful to keep Chrift's Ordinances from falfifying Pro- fanation : Ifa fealed Pardon and Gift of Life fiiall in the Sacra- ments be given, as commonly to Dogs as Children, it is a taking God's Name invain, and profane belying Jefus Chrift. 7. It is needful to bringSinners to Repentance, that they May be Pardoned and Saved. 8. And it is needful to the comfortingabfolution of Penitents. g. Accordingly God's Church inall Ages hath ownedit as their Law ofChrift's inftitution, to this day. L. But foire learned Menfay, This was but becaufe there was'atfir, no Chriftian Magifirate : But when there was fuch the .Difcipline fell into their hands. M. The firft Chriftian Magiftrates finding the Church in Pof- feffionof it, confirmed it, and too much accumulated andadded to it ; but took it not away. Of this fee a finall Book which I wrote of the Magiftrates Power in Religion, to Dr. Lud. Moulin, which may end all this difpute. Briefly, I ask you, I. Would ou have all Infidels and Pagans baptized, and . Communicate without any Prpfeffion of the Chriftian Reli- gion firft ? L. Godforbid : That's a Contradiction. M. Shall any words go for Profeffion,or what muft that Pro- feffionbe ? L Itnauß be a Profeffion of Chriftian Faith and Obedience. M. Whomuit try and judge of thatProfeffion , whether it be hriftiánity or not : Is itMagiftrates or Paftors? Aa z L..1 -