Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

r I óo] L. Magifrates havefomerrhat elfe to do : Elfe theymuft j7rzdy and exercife that word, alone ; for they will have no time for Civil Govern- ment, if they un ertake this. Did not Chrift inftitute an Officefor it, and give them this Power of the Keyes ? And if one half that Ofiîceceafe as loon as Magiftrates were Chriftians, why not the other half, and fo Ma- giftrates mutt Preach, Baptize, and celebrate the Sacrament. sn L. It mug be no doubt the Miniflerial Office to judge who is ft to be in Church Communion : Elfe they were Slaves , if they rnuit be forced to take all uncapable Men to their Charge and Commu- nion againFt their Confciences and Wills : " No Phyjician, Tutor or SchoolMatter, will he forced to tales filch Patients, Pupils or Scho- lars, as will not be ruled by him, and will raakVe him do what they liflp againfi his Will. M. You mutt confers the ufe of difcipline, or elfe openly dif own the Word of God , the very Being of the Church, and the Judgment of the Univerfal Church to this day. And do you think then that to deprive the Churchof this is a lawful part of Conformity ? L. How prove you that the Laity is deprived ofit ? .1. r`. In our Great Parifhes , the People are few of them known to the Prieft or to one another. Of the two Parifhes of my Taft abode, I do not think but there are Fifty Thoufand unknown to the Minifter and to each other. And how can there admonifh the Offenders, or the Minifter exercife this difcipline upon unknown Perfons ? z. ThePeopleknow that it is in vain to begin where there can be no progrefs. To what purpofe is it to tell the Church, when it's Pure to domore harm than good. z. The {warm of the Vi- cious is fo great, that they cannot be Prolecuted. 2. The Mini- fter himfelf forbeareth it as unpradicable. 3. The accufed mutt be Profecuted' 'at rates which Men cannot bear. .. And before ßifhops,'that cannot pofíìbly do this workto one of a Thoufànd, any more than one School-matter can Try and Correa all the faul- tyScholars in a Diocefs. 5. And Men mutt be Judges that will never call Sinners to Repentance with Minifterial Evidence, and Love, and Patience, but like Secular Courts, bid them Recant or be Excommunicate. 6. And the Cante muft be decided by Lay-men that profanely ufurp the Power of the Keys. And how is (.hrift's difcipline here pofflble ? Polluted, common Churches frightenaway the Religious confcionable People. L. Do