Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

;. ;Vr.f"..*."-", [I3z] copacyor Liturgies : Yet ifyou will read him de Regno Dei, de Confrm4t. &c. toKing Edward6. for Parish Difcipline, I ihall need to fay nomore toyou on this fubjedt. Chap. XLVIII. Point V. Te .difcoantenancing thefear of fin, and theprance offericus goelliaefse Ad V. will addnext this aggravation which comprehendeth I many partsofConformity. No true Chriftian doubteth, but ferioufnefs and diligence in ferving God, and makingour Calling and Eledtion fure, and O- bedience to Gods Law, and fear offinning, are ofabfolute ne- ceffity toSalvation. And how greatly the Laity is difcouraged and frightned from all this by the courfe ofConformity is noto- rious. L. Who cloth difcourage them ? Donot allour .Miniflers Preachfor Obedience and Godlinefs ? Doth not our Liturgy pray that the reft of our lives hereafter may be pureand holy, that we may attain Eternal Life M. Yes, and more than fo, you read the Scripturewhich is all for holiness : Thedeeper is the guilt of Hypocrifie and Malignity in them that leek to root it out : Out oftheir own mouths will they be judged, and beaten with many ftripes. Judge by thefe inftances. I. HowChildren areBaptized withGod- fathers, andhowCon- firmed after, and Admitted to Communion, and forced to it, I !hewed before. 2. So many humane Inftitutions are impofed on Men as neceffa- ry to Communion, that he muft bea Man of more Learning and Underftanding than I have, or with all the ftudy ofmy Life could obtain, who can difcern them all to be Lawful : And he that calls anyof them finful is Excommunicate ipfojure. 3. It is certain that a great part of the Laity underftand not theCreed, and thofe few that fet themfelves to feek for Paving knowledge, attain fo little in their fecular courfe of Life, as that we muft be glad ifth.yunderftand all the Catechifm, the Creed, Lords Prayer and TenCommandments, and take fuch for extra- ordinarily wife : And yet if oneof thefe think a Form, a Cere- mony, a Lay ChancellorsDifcipline, Cc. to be repugnant to the Word of God,and fay it,he is Excommunicate. 4. BY