Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[1837 4. By this it is abfolutelyneceffary that the generality ofmen, even all England that know not more than I do, muft blindly be- lieve as the Canon and Prieft bids them, barely on their Word, or elfe they muft falfly pretend tobelieve them, or be all liable to Excommunication. And to an implicite Faith in the Canon- Makers and Bifhops is become theneceffary Religionof the Land. And then if theBithops, turn we muff all turn with them. 5. By this means wilful ignorance is made neceffary. For it is a dangerous thing (as I have found it) to Rudy, for knowledge in GodsWord, left itfhould lead us to differ from fomething in the Canons, Liturgy or Bithops, and then we are liable to ruin. And fo they that will be ChurchMembers muft take heed of ftudying Gods Word, or fearching after Truth. 5. If for thinking- and faying any of the Impofitions are amifs, they be once Excommunicated, or but notedas Diffenters, they are rendered odious to the Church-Courts and Priefis, and by them to the credulous Obfequious Herd ; and it's likely that in the Pulpit they, will be proclaimed Hypocrites, Schifmáticks, un- quiet Spirits, Phanaticks, and in as muchdanger ofDamnation as Murderers or Adulterers, who are as fafe as they. 6. By this means feAr=gffinning, and the danger of diffenting being fo ufually conjun&, theavoidingof fin is made Puritanifm, and a fufpiciousfign, if not a common fcorn. 7. By thismeans ignorant Youth isquitedifcouraged from ted- ious piety and fear of fin, left they fall under common fcorn ; and it s well if they follownot themultitude and be Icorners ofObe- dience to God themfelves. And the very plea of Confcience: (which is but obeying God) is made a difgrace or mockery, and a tender Confcience, made equivalent with a felf-conceited Schif matick.. 8. It is no _danger to meet by hundreds at a Play-houfe_; or by great numbers at Taverns, AIe-honfes, Coffee-houfes, Horfe races, d-c. But ifa few Neighbours meet to Pray or Exciteeach other in the Love of God and Heaven, youknow what thedan- ger is. 9. If any Minifter will but leave Preaching the Gofpel of Chrift, and turn Phyfcian, he may be quiet 5 tho' hebe of the . fame judgment that hewas before ; the forbearing of his Mini- firy may preferve his peace. There are now in this Cityejeted Knitters whohave.forfaken their Fun Lion, and are Doctors of Phyek,. ;.1